The Tajul Waqar Elite

The Tajul Waqar (Crown of Dignity) elite have mastered and preserved the teachings, and are
certified by the authority of the prophet of God, peace be upon him.

The Goal

Our goal is to build the character of a Muslim displaying the Quran manners academically and practically

The Muslim Woman

The foundation of a Muslim Woman is protection of the Ummah in her faith and her manners

Our Message

We serve the Holy Quran and actively carry out its message at our center by raising a generation who follows the book of God Almighty, by reciting and memorizing the holy book,applying its principles, and mastering the Arabic language.

The Holy Quran

We facilitate the complete memorization of the Holy Quran along with an understanding of its teachings with attention to its guiding principles, recitation, and correct pronunciation over a period of 2-3 years.

Arabic Language

We teach Muslims how to read and write the Arabic language of the Quran.


We raise Muslim awareness of religious affairs and their adherence to God’s book, educating scholars on legal etiquette, and care for the education of Muslim women in Islamic culture.

Our Methods

We select those who have demonstrated competence and experience in memorizing the Holy Quran.

We follow the curriculum of learning and reciting, where the student learns to read correctly from his or her teacher before memorization, then memorizes the book and displays the memorization to the teacher.

We conduct opening sessions for males and females who wish to memorize the Holy Quran.
We sponsor those who have risen to excellence and encourage them to continue investing their free time in memorizing the Holy Quran.
We use accredited teaching methods.
We develop endless curriculums and techniques for memorizing the Holy Quran.

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Future Vision of the Center

● Become a model center in all subjects related to the teaching of the Holy Quran.
● Have a special memorization reading session for emerging generations to increase their
memorization so that the Quran becomes part of them, and to qualify them to teach others.
● Have a cadre prepared for Quranic competitions and partnerships.
● Enrich the knowledge base of the teachings of the Holy Quran and its readings and jurisprudence by publishing studies specific to this field.

Tajul Waqar center’s training programs

Among the pillars of Tajul Waqar is for us to build the ideal Muslim. The mission of memorizing
the Quran is not only about memorizing the words, but also about building a Muslim character
that embodies the ethics of the Quran academically and professionally.

Strong believers

Tajul Waqar spreads the concept of religious education, not just via knowledge, but also through mental and physical activities.

Adult Patrons

Our goal is to raise a cultured generation in all legal and scientific teachings, through reading books each month and writing a summary that includes research along with questions and answers to and from the administration.

Young Patrons

We are raising a generation of children who have memorized the Holy Quran and put it into practice in various aspects of life during a period of two to three years.

The Master Muslim

We prepare Muslims to read the Holy Quran with complete mastery of each letter using principles for teaching the Holy Quran and its recitation.

Tajul Waqar Members

Sheikh Muhanad Al-Hamd

Sheikh Muhanad Al-Hamd

Executive Director of the center

Professor Murshida Muhammad Jowher

Professor Murshida Muhammad Jowher


Muhammad Fajr Al-Salqini

Muhammad Fajr Al-Salqini

General Manager of the center

Zaher Al-Tawahiri

Zaher Al-Tawahiri

Information Manager of the center

Rami Al-Helbi

Rami Al-Helbi

Athletic Training Instructor

Dr. Mazen Sharbek

Dr. Mazen Sharbek

President of the center’s board of directors

Sheikh Asim Al-Othman

Sheikh Asim Al-Othman

Vice President of the board of directors

Munshid Anas  Abu Jaish

Munshid Anas Abu Jaish

Teacher of Quran Makammat (stages) and levels

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