Tajul Waqar center’s training programs

Among the pillars of Tajul Waqar is for us to build the ideal Muslim. The mission of memorizing
the Quran is not only about memorizing the words, but also about building a Muslim character
that embodies the ethics of the Quran academically and professionally.

Strong believers

Tajul Waqar spreads the concept of religious education, not just via knowledge, but also through mental and physical activities.

Adult Patrons

Our goal is to raise a cultured generation in all legal and scientific teachings, through reading books each month and writing a summary that includes research along with questions and answers to and from the administration.

Young Patrons

We are raising a generation of children who have memorized the Holy Quran and put it into practice in various aspects of life during a period of two to three years.

The Master Muslim

We prepare Muslims to read the Holy Quran with complete mastery of each letter using principles for teaching the Holy Quran and its recitation.

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